Machine Learning made Easy : Hands-on python

  • Description

    The course covers Machine Learning in exhaustive way. The presentations and hands-on practical are made such it’s made easy. The knowledge gained through this tutorial series are often applied to varied world scenarios.

    UnSupervised Learning and Supervised Learning are dealt in-detail with many bonus topics.

    The course contents are given below:

    Introduction to Machine Learning
    Introductions to Deep Learning
    Unsupervised Learning
    Clustering, Association
    Agglomerative, Hands-on
    DBSCAN, Hands-on
    Mean Shift, Hands-on
    K Means, Hands-on
    Association Rules, Hands-on
    Supervised Learning
    Regression, Classification
    Train Test Split, Hands-on
    k Nearest Neighbors, Hands-on
    kNN Algo Implementation
    Support Vector Machine (SVM), Hands-on
    Support Vector Regression (SVR), Hands-on
    SVM (non linear svm params), Hands-on
    SVM kernel trick, Hands-on
    SVM mathematics
    Linear Regression, Hands-on
    Gradient Descent overview
    One Hot Encoding (Dummy vars)
    One Hot Encoding with Linear Regr, Hands-on
    Info about Datasets
    Who this course is for:
    python programmers, C/C++ programmers, working of scripting (like javascript), fresh developers and intermediate level programmers who want to find out Machine Learning