Microsoft Excel Masterclass for Business Managers


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6 Explanations why this Excel course should be chosen

Carefully crafted programme that teaches you only the most common Excel features in the business world

Concise – within one weekend, you can complete this course

Examples and case studies correlated with industry

Ample practise exercises since practise is required by Excel

Tools which can be downloaded

The tutor himself will satisfy your questions.

To become proficient in the Excel assignments today, start using Excel to its full potential!

You’re either new to Excel, or you’ve been messing around with it, so you want to get more familiar with the advanced features of Excel. This course would be perfect for you either way.

All students completing this Excel course are presented with a Verifiable Certificate of Completion.

Why should this course be selected for you?

This is a full and succinct MS Excel tutorial that can be done within 4 hours. We realise that your time is important and we have therefore developed this fast-paced course without wasting time on unnecessary Excel tasks.

What makes us able to teach you?

The course is taught by Abhishek and Pukhraj. Instructors of the course have been teaching Data Science and Machine Learning for over a decade.

With over 150,000 registrations and thousands of 5-star ratings like these, we are also the developers of some of the most popular online courses:

I had an amazing time taking this course. It further extends my comprehension of the power use of Excel as an analytical instrument. The instructor’s kudos! —Sikiru

Very descriptive, very nifty tricks taught and enough detail to make it stick in your head. —Armand

The Promise of Our

Teaching our learners is our job and we are dedicated to it. You can still post a question on the course or send us a direct message if you have any questions about the course material, practise sheet or anything relevant to any subject.

Download files for rehearsal, take quizzes, and end assignments

There’s a practise sheet added for you to go along with and lesson. To verify your comprehension of concepts, you can also take quizzes. For you to practically execute your studying, each segment includes a practise task. Assignment solutions are also exchanged so that the success can be checked.

What is covered in the course here?

This course covers everything about the technical workplace that you need to crack Excel.

Here are the Excel course contents of this complete and succinct course on Microsoft Excel:

Introduction – The structure and contents of the course are explored in this video.

Mathematical functions – Mathematical calculations such as Total, AVERAGE, RAND, MIN & MAX, SUMPRODUCT are discussed in this lecture.

Textual Formulas – This lecture in Excel covers texts such as TRIM, CONCATENATE, SUBSTITUTE, UPPER & LOWER, Volume, LEFT, RIGHT & MIDD

Logical formulas – This lecture discusses AND & OR, IF, COUNTIF, SUMIF, and SUMIF logical formulas

Start working on Microsoft Excel proficiently and maximise the productivity of your workplace.

The developers of this course have several years of business experience and have thus curated the content of the course, taking into consideration Excel’s criteria in the corporate world of today.
For whom this course is intended:

Working professionals starting their journey through data
In a brief amount of time, everyone interested to master excel from beginner to advanced
Students about to take part in their first business work


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