Modern JavaScript for React JS – ES6.


Summary, Description

Do you want to expand your Javascript programming skills by mastering the principles of modern Javascript – ES6?
If you want to launch a path to become a developer of React or Angular, then this is the right course for you.
What is it about this course?
This course is specifically designed for those who, especially ES6 concepts, want to get a quick start with Modern Javascript. It addresses all the core concepts of ES6: how the javascript has evolved, how to use the new features in ES6 subjects, what babel is, and how to compile the ES6 code to make it compliant with the browser.

More details, please!
Modern Javascript programming for ES6/ES7 is becoming an important part of the web development industry, as most businesses are moving towards using different common web frameworks such as Angular JS, Vue JS, or React JS. There is also an increase in demand for developers with ES6 expertise. This course will help you get all the necessary information from the get-go, and by the end of this course, you will be a master of ES6 concepts.

We have covered, in this course:

All the fundamental advanced ES6 principles right from variable declaration using keywords ‘let’ and ‘const’, what is the distinction between them and when to use them to advanced topics such as how to render asynchronous requests to servers using async-await and how to use commitments to manage requests more effectively

Whose arrow functions are and how they can be used

With the support of functions such as map, reduction, filter, etc., all about functional programming

How to use rest and disperse operators to thoroughly clone the objects and also on when and how we can use them more efficiently.

Who would teach you in this class?

I am a highly ranked Computer Science graduate teacher with a ranking of 4.3 and over 200k students on Udemy, since my college days I have been part of the corporate circle. In my early days, I was part of a start-up team providing Android applications for the development grid. Currently, I am EdYoda’s lead creator. I’m responsible for the whole production & alignment of the front-end with the back-end. React, Python. My fields of specialisation are Django. I’ve been offering Android, React, JavaScript, Python & Django corporate preparation. I have an eye for detail that makes me perfect for the distribution of a finished piece.

I want you to appreciate the experience of learning and I have shared my information that will be beneficial to you.
We suggest that you watch our React JS course after completion, which is the continuation portion of this course where we have discussed React JS frameworks in and out, along with assignments and tasks, with some clear description.

Enroll yourself now!! In training, see you.
Nice studying!!
Edyoda’s Squad
For whom this course is intended:

Beginners who want to learn ES6 from scratch – modern Javascript
Professionals who have a strong understanding of Javascript and want to learn ES6 in their skill set
Developers of JavaScript who would like to get into React


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