Options Trading MasterClass: Options Trading In Simple Terms


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David J. Melilli, President of Capstone Financial and Author of “Options Trading Strategies for Monthly Income,” will teach you about every type of options trading in this Options Trading course. David would use his deep understanding of options trading to introduce his unique options trading process. David has worked in the options market industry for over fifteen years. This options trading course has been developed to teach and enhance any person who wants to really learn the skills needed in the field of options trading. It is delivered in an easy to understand, user friendly way that will excite and help create the courage to master options trading.The options trading course will begin with the history of the first stock option trading, which was conceived by a Greek philosopher called Thales. It will then go on to the most common options trading methods, beginning with a solid understanding of what Calls and Puts are, what they do, and how they operate. Cover Calls, Bull & Bear Spreads, Married Puts, Long Straddles, and Long Strangles are examples of stock option trading techniques. Throughout my options trading tutorial, you can learn about Options Trading Ideas such as Options Trading Sectors, Equity Options Trading, and Basic Options Trading that you can apply to your own stock options trading portfolios.

This stock option trading course will show you how to not only learn how to be successful at options trading, but also how to control your emotions and execute an option trading strategy so that you can be successful and efficient right from the start of your stock option trading career.

This intensive options trading course will focus heavily on practice quizzes, tasks, and a final exam to ensure your success in the options market.

This options trading course will show you how to trade stock options using options trading techniques that will help you produce retirement income, minimize risk, and increase your stock option portfolio returns.

Finally, this path will change the way you sell options and save for the rest of your life.

This course is intended for the following individuals:

All Educational Levels Option Trading They’re attempting to improve their options trading strategy and shorten their learning curve. From a Professor who wrote a book on the subjects being debated
Individuals who want to develop a profitable option trading portfolio from the ground up
Individuals who want to learn about the most important aspects of becoming a successful options trader.
Individuals who are intimidated by the complexity of option trading


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