Plotting with Seaborn for Beginners in Data Science


A brief description

What exactly is Seaborn?

Seaborn is a statistics library that allows you to make beautiful data visualizations. It’s based on Matplotlib and works smoothly with pandas Dataframes. This is the library for you if you like high-quality diagrams on scientific data with limited coding.

Matplotlib is something I’m already acquainted with. Is Seaborn required?

Matplotlib is a beginner’s toolkit for generating plots and visualizations in Python for data science, but it has drawbacks. With its publication-quality graphics and advanced visualization features, Seaborn shines in this area, enabling you to create beautiful graphics with very little code.

How does Seaborn vary from Matplotlib?

Matplotlib is limited to simple plotting, and its visualization consists entirely of plotting’s main components, such as barcharts and scatter plots. Seaborn, on the other hand, can do a lot of visualization and provides built-in software for the majority of professional Data Scientist uses.

Although Matplotlib is based on MATLAB (another excellent yet proprietary method), Seaborn is designed from the ground up to be a user-friendly tool, leaving behind Matplotlib’s limitations.

This course is intended for the following individuals:

This course is designed for students who already have a clear knowledge of the Matplotlib library and want to further their skills.
Students interested in studying Python data visualization should enroll in my Matplotlib Tutorial course on Udemy.


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