Python And Flask Framework Complete Course


A brief description

This course offers an in-depth look at the basics of Python programming.

Python is a programming language that can be taught at any level from novice to intermediate.

I’ve developed comprehensive, detailed, but simple-to-follow material that you’ll quickly comprehend and digest.

The course continues with the basics of Python, including scripting and user interaction.

The program will be very hands-on as we walk you through the process of becoming a competent Python developer from beginning to end.

This course covers the following topics:

* Python material for beginners to experts:

Implementation of an array

Methods for dealing with files

Identifiers and Keywords

Tuples in Python

Python Basics

Fundamentals of Python

Functions in Mathematics

Structures of Data

Python Object-Oriented Programming

Python Functional Programming

Lambdas are a type of lambda.

Designers of interiors

Generators are machines that provide electricity.

Python for testing


Regular Expressions for Error Management


Modules are components of a wider device.

We’ll see you on the inside of the course!

The Flask web framework is a popular Python web framework.
This section contains intermediate to advanced tutorials on various aspects of Flask production.

*Flask Framework:

Flask Application Platform is a web framework written in the Python programming language.
You will learn the basics of web applications in this lesson.
so that you can use Python Flask Web Platform to build APIs and web apps.

How to use Flask to build Python web applications

How to build the look of your apps using the Jinja prototype language

To begin development, you’ll need to know how to use the SQLite database.

Using Flask-SQLAlchemy, you can use other databases with Flask.

Processing incoming request data with Flask.

Overview of the Course

Creating URLs with the Flask Framework

HTTP Method in the Flask Framework

Templates for the Flask Framework

Flask Framework – Static Files

Request Object in the Flask Framework

Request.from Object in Flask

This course is planned for the following individuals:

For full beginners in programming For those who are new to Python And those who choose to study Python basics and then move on to Data Science or Web Creation


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