Reverse Engineering and Memory Hacking with Cheat Engine


A brief description

This is the course for you if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to hack a program’s memory, reverse engineer, and debug apps.

This course serves as an introduction to reverse engineering for those interested in getting into the industry. It’s appropriate for software developers who want to understand how software functions internally, as well as reverse engineers who need to repair glitches when the source code isn’t usable. For reverse engineering and debugging, we typically use software like x64dbg and OllyDbg. Those methods, however, have drawbacks because they depend on file patching to change program behavior. But what if the files aren’t patchable?

Cheat Engine shines in this area. Cheat Engine is a memory decryption program. Gamers use it to cheat in games by hacking them. Memory search, malware injection, and process patching are Cheat Engine’s core strengths. This course will teach you the information and skills to use Cheat Engine, as well as any other software for which you are already acquainted. It’s also appropriate for complete beginners who have never reversed before, as I’ll take you from zero to hero.

We can learn Cheat Engine by cracking CrackMe challenges in this course. CrackMe is a small application that is used to evaluate a programmer’s reverse engineering abilities.

How you’ll discover

How to convert assembly code from disassembled programs

Analytical Dynamic

Breakpoints are set and code is walked over.

Change the program’s conduct.

Memory repair for the operation

Identifying an url for memory patching

Creating special Memories Cheat Engine is used by hackers (trainers) to hack and patch memory.

Creating Lua Scripts for Patching Processes

Track and Divide

Injection of a cone

Patching Memory Explicitly

and even more…


Assembly knowledge would be advantageous, but it is not needed.

PC (Windows)

This course is intended for the following individuals:

Beginners in the Game of Reverse Engineering Hackers interested in attempting to get into Windows systems
Programmers who want to learn how to debug
Students interested in learning how systems perform internally.
Anyone interested in learning how to hack and repair memory should watch this video.


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