Reverse Engineering and Memory Hacking with Cheat Engine


Summary, Description

If you have always wanted to learn how to use the memory of a programme to reverse engineer and debug codes, then this is the course for you. For someone who wants to get interested in this area, this course is an introduction to reverse engineering. It is appropriate for software developers who want to understand internally how software works and also for reverse engineers who want to repair bugs when there is no source code available. We traditionally use software such as x64dbg, reverse engineering and debugging tools like OllyDbg. Howevever, since they focus on file patching to change programme behaviour, those methods have their limits. But what if the files were unable to be patched? The Cheat Engine Shines Here

The Cheat Engine is a tool for memory hacking. Gamers make use of it to hack games in order to cheat. The key strength of the Cheat Engine is its memory searching, code insertion, or patching of systems. In addition to whatever other methods you may already be familiar with, this course will provide you with the experience and ability to use Cheat Engine. With no experience of reversal, it is also ideal for absolute beginners, as I can carry you from zero to hero.

We will learn the Cheat Engine in this course by hacking CrackMe challenges. A CrackMe is a tiny programme intended to test the reverse engineering ability of a programmer.

What you’ll be studying

  • How to dismantle applications into assembly language programmes
  • Study of dynamics
  • Setting breakpoints and code measures
  • Modify actions in the curriculum
  • Process Memory Patching
  • Address location to do memory patching
  • Writing custom Memory Hackers (trainers) to hack and patch memory using the Cheat Engine
  • Creating Lua Scripts for patching the process
  • Track and Divide
  • Injection of Cone
  • Direct Patching to Memory
  • Yeah, and more…


  • Assembly information would be useful, but not compulsory.
  • PC with Windows

For whom this course is intended:

  • Reverse Engineering Beginners
  • Game Hackers who want to try their hand at cracking programmes for windows
  • Programmers wanting to learn debugging abilities
  • Students who want to discover the internal workings of services
  • Anyone involved in understanding how to hack and repair memory processes

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