SAP Business Analytics Essential Training



This video will provide you with enough details to do so if you have been looking to move to a sector analyst. Not just learning the fundamentals, but how to excel with your first business analytics project.

Being a great data scientist is about helping you make smarter and more rational decisions about the organisation.

Bl product and services revenue will be valued at $30 billion in 2020, according to Gartner research, and SAP Business intelligence solution has taken up to 10 percent of market share, so it is a must to master the SAP Bl platform.

We will concentrate on SAP Business Success Improvement as the second portion of the course.

The demand for EPM applications could hit a size of around US$ 3,600 million by 2022, and SAP EPM is the second largest organisation by market share. With the objective of optimising financial strategies, planning and research in all aspects of the firm, it provides market users with insight into business activities.

Finally, we are turning to Governance, Risk, and Enforcement for SAP.

For whom this course is intended:

Professionals in business intelligence and computer warehousing
Consultants from SAP Professional & OLAP
Project Administrators and Experts with Company Artifacts
Those who aspire to a job at SAP Bl
Anybody who would like to practise SAP Bl. EPM, and scratch GRC solution
Consultants of SAP GRC and EPM implementations