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Shaw Academy provides over 150 online learning courses. Whether you want to get a promotion, build your business, find a new job, or just explore a hobby, there are plenty of accessible and affordable courses to choose from.
Investing time and effort into educating and improving yourself is a wonderful thing, and thanks to online courses it is becoming increasingly accessible. Whatever you want to learn, you can do so, in your own time and at your own pace, no matter where you are.
You can learn a lot from reading and watching YouTube, but a step-by-step, well-structured course allows you to track your progress, bask in your accomplishments, and share your qualifications with employers, prospective clients, or your mum.
So how about Shaw Academy? Is it a legitimate learning platform? Is it worth joining? Let’s take a closer look.
Since 2012, Shaw Academy has been offering online education. They offer a 4-week free trial on a subject of your choice and then for $59.99 you get unlimited access to 159 courses, so you have a great window of opportunity to decide if Shaw Academy is right for you.
You’ll find loads of information on the core website about their history, the courses they offer, and what students and graduates think.
They offer more than a hundred and fifty courses within the following categories:
Shaw Academy offers a wide variety of comprehensive courses with online interactive classes, tutorials, and videos. The teachers are fulltime subject matter experts working exclusively for Shaw Academy and continually update the content in line with current trends. Courses are flexible and can fit around your schedule, and you receive an internationally recognized certificate upon completion.
There has been some negative press about Shaw Academy, with claims that they make it difficult to cancel your subscription following the free 4-week trial. However, this was down to the fact of a major surge of new students (over 14 million registrations) joining in 2020 as a result of the global pandemic. The vast majority of their students come away happy, and Shaw Academy are working hard to take the learnings onboard and improve its processes.
Following your free 4-week trial, if you don’t want to continue learning with Shaw Academy, then contact details are as follows:
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: +1 1850 875 534
It is not uncommon to give your credit card details for a free trial. This helps to verify your identity and prevents people from signing up for more than one free trial. It also protects the company from scammers.
Shaw Academy is ideal for people looking to gain or develop new practical skills, upgrade their skillset or learn a new hobby.
Perhaps you’ve got to a certain level in online photoshop watching random videos on YouTube, but now you want to go to the next level. Shaw Academy will give you a focused, well-defined, and structured learning program to follow.
You will gain practical, ’employable’ skills and become an expert in your chosen field.
If you have come this far you may be questioning whether Shaw Academy is a reputable organization that has made a few mistakes, or whether they are a scam that you should avoid at all costs.
The biggest issue is the lack of clarity surrounding charges following a free trial, which is automatic unless you take the time to cancel. This can break trust, and people have claimed that they are a scam after being charged unexpectedly.
However, they are working hard to be more transparent and to make it easier for people to cancel after a free trial. Shaw Academy undertook a major overhaul of its processes in late 2020 and continues to make improvements into 2021 this has seen a major improvement in customer sentiment.
The training is well thought through, and they are offering great value courses which people can complete at their own pace.
The free course trial will give you time to see if it is for you, at which point, if you want to cancel your subscription, then you can do so online or over the phone.
Shaw Academy may have made some mistakes, but they are a legitimate training platform that is offering high-quality education at great rates. They have also worked hard to resolve any issues and are proud of their thousands of students who are successfully completing their courses and exploring new opportunities.
One thing is clear when looking at the reviews: the courses are high-quality, accessible, and fun. Unlike sites like Udemy, where anyone can make and upload a course, all teachers at Shaw Academy are vetted and hired by Shaw Academy for their expertise and teaching skills.
Although there have been some negative reviews, few mention any issues with the courses themselves. Most mention problems when they decided to cancel their membership and issues getting their money back. However, Shaw Academy has responded to members explaining that,
“We’ve been humbled by the rise in popularity of the learning opportunities we provide, but we are genuinely sorry that a small proportion of users didn’t have the experience which we strive to deliver.” – James Egan, the chief executive.
“We haven’t see this affect the growth and commercial health of the business, but we do have to make sure we communicate well with those affected customers – and third-parties such as review sites, which we’re actively engaged with now – so that they are aware we’ve been listening, can see the positive changes made, and are confident we’re continuing to always put students first in our mission to open up access to education,” he added.
During the lockdown, Shaw Academy saw a 164% increase in students! They struggled to cope with the high demand, and as a result, it took some of their customers some time to get a refund once they decided to cancel, which caused concern over whether Shaw is a scam. However, they have worked hard to address issues including reducing the cancellation process from seven steps to four steps and investing heavily in additional hires globally to support customer service. The impact of this is starting to become evident with ratings on BBB jumping from a D to a B and 1 Star Reviews been reduced by 66% since a June 2020 peak.
So you can be assured that any issues people have faced with getting their money back into their bank account after deciding to cancel a course are being addressed. When you move from a small start-up to have millions of subscribers, it’s no wonder they ran into some difficulties.
That being said, their many happy graduates speak for themselves. Let’s take a deeper look at course reviews.
You can also take a look at video reviews on their Youtube channel.
The photography course is one of the most popular on the site, with 3006450 graduates at the time of writing. They will take you from beginner to advanced techniques, including taking photos, editing and creating a portfolio. If you have a fancy camera, but don’t quite understand how to use all the features, then this course is for you.
They also offer courses in video production, wedding photography, video editing, online photoshop, and more. Whether photography is your hobby or a profession, these courses can help you to take your skills to the next level.
From how to start a business and bookkeeping to data analytics and leadership management, Shaw Academy offers a wealth of courses for entrepreneurs looking to develop their skills.
For beginners, the how to start a business course will take you through all of the fundamental information as well as building a business plan, promoting yourself on social media, developing your corporate identity, your marketing plan, and more. At the time of writing, 73216 people have graduated from this course.
With plenty of scope for development, once you have done one course, the risk is that you become hooked! These courses can quickly pay for themselves, as they will allow you to skip many of the mistakes that first-time (or second-time) business owners make.
The marketing courses include social media, SEO, creative writing, blogging, and content writing. If your ultimate dream is to make money online while having the freedom to work your own hours from anywhere in the world, then this could be the opportunity you have been looking for.
The reviews above are for the digital marketing course, which has been completed by 943036 people at the time of writing. Students love the material and find it clear and easy to understand. They also appreciate the opportunity to have their questions answered by knowledgeable teachers.
The above reviews are for graphic design, which has 2238090 graduates at the time of writing. The reviews on the site are all above 4 out of 5 stars, with lots of mentions of the supportive staff.
They are also offering courses in online photoshop, interior design, web design, jewelry design, web design, and more. If your creative talents are going unfulfilled, then perhaps it’s time to invest in yourself and develop skills that will allow you to find passion and innovation in your work.
English and IELTS courses are designed to help non-native speakers to develop their speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills. IELTS is an international standardized test of English language proficiency. It is an absolute must for non-native English speakers who are looking to study or work in an English-speaking country such as the UK, US, or Australia.
Reviews mention how accessible the courses are. They are made to be easy to understand with courses ranging from beginner to advance, so you can stick with Shaw Academy and continue to develop. There is also plenty of opportunities to have your questions answered by highly qualified and skilled teachers.
In case you’re still unconvinced, here are some answers to some frequently asked questions.
One of the key goals of Shaw Academy is to make learning accessible to everyone, and that means fitting into anyone’s schedule. Therefore, they allow students to pick a slot that suits them and even reschedule the class or rewatch a saved recording if they have to cancel last minute.
Each course will not only leave you with new skills, but if you complete it successfully, you will also receive a diploma that is globally recognized in countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and India.
You get the first four weeks as a free trial! This means that you can test out the system and make sure that it is a good fit. However, this is not enough time to receive a diploma. To complete a course you will need to pay a monthly fee via Paypal or credit card subscription. This will allow you to continue learning and receive an internationally recognized certification that will aid your career progression.
Following the free trial, each course is $59.99 per month. There is also an option to pay for a hard copy of your certificate upon completing the course.
While Udemy offers 1000s of courses, non of their teachers are vetted, anyone can create a course, and certificates are not recognized. Udemy is great if you want to learn for a bit of fun and you can often get great deals on their courses. However, at Shaw Academy, all teachers work solely for them, they are highly qualified, and the diploma you will receive is internationally recognized. If you are looking to further your career then Shaw Academy is the better option.
Shaw Academy provides top-level courses that consistently help thousands of students to expand their skills and knowledge. Many go on to progress in their current career or in new careers. You need to be prepared to put the work in, but if you do, then skilled teachers are at hand to help you succeed in receiving your diploma.
All courses are delivered via interactive webinars at scheduled times, twice each week. You will receive email reminders, and lessons will be at your local time. You can only join webinars at scheduled times, but if you miss one, there will be a recording you can watch. You join classes via your member area or links in your email. You can also rewatch recordings from here. Some courses are on-demand which means you can start and complete them at your own pace.
Sometimes life gets in the way, your child gets sick, or you need to stay at work. It’s part of what makes studying as an adult so tough. Luckily, every webinar is recorded and uploaded to your member’s area. That means, so long as you have a subscription, you can watch the webinars whenever you like. You can also re-watch it if you feel like you need to.
All foundation courses run twice a week at 7 pm UK time for 4 weeks on Mondays and Wednesdays. You can join from anywhere in the globe, and when you register your time zone, which you can change at any time, you will receive email reminders for classes in your local time.
Foundation courses are comprised of 8 classes, each an hour long. In addition, there is an opportunity at the end of each class to ask questions, which lasts up to 20 minutes. Advanced classes are comprised of 24 classes and have both theory and practical elements.
There are weekly assignments to test your knowledge. However, they are optional and not necessary to complete your diploma. However, you will need to complete an assignment at the end of each module to secure your diploma.
You can watch recordings on any device with access to the internet, such as a laptop, computer, iPad, etc. All recordings will be in your member area 24 hours after the lesson and will remain there for you to watch at any time while you still have a subscription.
If you attend the live webinars, then you will be able to ask questions and receive answers in real-time. However, if you have questions later, then you can email [email protected].
Following a free trial, or if you have started a course and have decided that you simply cannot fit it in or decide to do something different, you can cancel at any time.
You will be asked to select a reason for cancellation and shown some offers. Depending on the country you are from, you may need to make a phone call to cancel the subscription.
If you do need to make a phone call, be sure to have your student number handy, it should be on the last page of your cancellation confirmation.
There is no cost to cancelling your membership, and you can still use your account fully until the next renewal date.
Perhaps you have seen some negative reviews from customers who went to cancel their subscription, but their membership was not cancelled, which meant they were charged and had to call or email to get a full refund.
When the pandemic hit, Shaw became more popular than anyone could have predicted, and as a result, issues arose. The onset of COVID presented significant unexpected customer service challenges due to the exponential growth in demand for their services. Customer registrations increased from 700,000 per month in January 2020 to over 2 million per month in July 2020. The knock-on effect on this was a spike in customer service issues which increased from 40,000 in January 2020 to over 216,000 in May 2020.
Shaw Academy at this time took steps to equip the customer service team to respond to the surge in demand. These steps included:
Publicly Shaw Academy took steps to be as transparent as possible on the challenges created by the rapid exponential success of the business and in an effort to reassure all students the following actions were taken:
However, they do continue to work tirelessly to ensure that anyone due a refund receives it straight to their bank account and have made significant improvements to their cancellation policy, with an average user being able to cancel their membership in 2 and half minutes (including the call to an automated telephone line). They have also worked hard to resolve any bugs in their system and hope that no one else runs into any trouble.
Their courses have a high level of expertise, provided by skilled lecturers. Their courses are globally recognized, and the material is continually inspected to ensure the highest standards are met.
Shaw Academy is a legitimate learning platform that has been running since 2012. When COVID hit, they had an influx of thousands of new students, which they were not prepared for. This led to some bad press, which is a shame because they worked hard to provide high-quality, affordable, and accessible courses. However, the vast majority of their students are happy with the support they received, and since they have addressed the issues faced and ensured that any unhappy customers received a full refund.
If you have a busy life but want to develop your professional skills, then Shaw Academy is a brilliant option. All of their teachers are highly qualified, and once you complete a course, you will receive an internationally recognized diploma.
From business and language to photography and design, there is something for anyone who is committed to their personal development.
Benefits include:
They are even offering a four-week free trial, so you have nothing to lose. Click here to start your free trial today.