SQL for Data Analysis and Data Science in 2021


Summary, Description

This course will make you a full SQL boot camp SQL query specialist, and you will learn the skills you need to extract informative data from a database. There are several assessments spread over the duration of the course with comprehensive solutions that will allow you to learn more and more. After completing this course and all of its quizzes and the final exam, you would be glad to use SQL & PostgreSQL through SQL Challenges and Final Exam and more in data processing and data science.

In PostgreSQL, you can learn several tips and tricks for querying data through the following subjects discussed in this course:

Use the Airlines Real World PostgreSQL web database.

What A Database Is

Beginners’ SQL database.

PostgreSQL Database Installation.

Creating Database Tables using SQL.

Drop the SQL Database Table

Use Pick Expression for querying SQL database data

WHERE Use clause for querying SQL database data

Operators that use the Where clause to query SQL database data .

Using AND & OR for SQL database data query queries

How to use SQL Database Data Query .

Operators use filters to query SQL database data .

ORDER BY is used to query SQL database data .

Using Cap for queries for SQL database details .

Using DISTINCT to query SQL database info .

SQL Database Column Renaming.

Usage of functions for querying SQL database data

For whom this course is intended:

Are you interested in learning more about SQL, PostgreSQL, or SQL data analysis?
Will you like to learn to use SQL for data science?
Are you learning Python Pandas & Data Visualization well?
Are you set for potential questions about SQL interviews?
To scrape a website, use Python bs4 & Pandas to evaluate and visualise the scraped results.