Learn Photo Editing with Photoshop 2020


Summary, Description

So, are you looking for a course that will teach you photo editing easily & in a fun way with PHOTOSHOP 2020?

I just have the course for you!

Welcome, my name is Josh Werner with Learn Tech Plus and I’ve put together this course to help people like you easily master Photo Editing… Whether you’re a photo editing novice or experienced!


Stage by step, we will go and cover Picture Editing. The purpose here is to help you.

A) Setup an Adobe Creative Cloud account

B) Import and update the 2020 Photoshop App

C) In Photoshop 2020, work with Images and learn how to edit photos.

In the course, here’s what we’ll cover:

1. From the very beginning, we’ll start to explain what photo editing is, why and how it’s used.

2. Download some of the tools in the course that we’ll all be using.

3. Introduce yourself to Photoshop 2020 Photo Editing

I would love to see you inside and help you practise and master Photoshop 2020 Photo Editing!
For whom this course is intended:

Beginner to Intermediate Students who want to master Photoshop 2020 Photo Editing