Computer Skills for Parents to Teach their Kids


Summary, Description

Early training in critical computing skills will help children. Teaching correct methodology gives them a head start and offers a base for them to become professional in the future.

Computers play an immense role in our daily lives, and it is now more important than ever that any child can understand the fundamentals of computers, what computers can do, and how technology can be useful. When are you going to sit down and show your kid the use of a computer? That is why this course was built for parents like you by me and Imran Afzal. In her own way, Imaan can appeal to children and how they interpret machines and educate children.

This course should be taken by either parent, guardian or school teacher so that they can help their child learn how the machine functions.

This is the list of subjects that this course will cover:



What’s That, and why do we need a PC?

When do you bring the machine to your child?

Teaching your kid how to operate the machine

What are some programming skills that are important?

Basics for Machines

How a PC Is Like

Ports on Machines

Different Machine Forms

Components of Computers

Hardware Goods

Systems of Service

Applications or Apps

Networking Networking

Hardware on Machines

About memory (RAM)

Production processes (CPU)

Hard disc

Motherboard board

A Computer’s Other Pieces

Functionality and protection of computers

Transmission of knowledge (0 and 1)

Comparison of Machines with the Human Body

How The Site Works

How To Purchase a Computer

How to Use Protection on the Internet


For whom this course is intended:

Parents and their offspring
Senior tenants
Anyone who does not know how to use a machine