SQL For Databases : A Beginner’s Quick Introduction



This course may be a beginners introduction to SQL which stands for structured command language . it’s the language wont to communicate and manipulate databases.

In this course you’ll learn to C.R.U.D using SQL. C.R.U.D is an acronym for Create,Read,Update and Delete. These are the most functions that SQL can do on any database. There are other related tasks that SQL does or can do but the majority of what it’s used for is C.R.U.D.

The course is 100% video lectures structured in an orderly and straightforward to follow manner. it’s advisable that you simply follow the course within the order of the lectures. The course is simply under two hours long.

This course will offer you the knowledge required to make ,read ,update and delete data from any database system using SQL. this is often possible because SQL may be a standard language and can perform C.R.U.D within the same way no matter the sort of database. This course will assist you understand the way to manipulate databases using SQL. Also you’ll find out how to retrieve only relevant data or information you would like and get them organized within the way you would like .

What you’ll Learn during this course includes :

How to write SELECT statements

How to create a table and a view

How to Update existing records during a database

How to Insert or add new records or data into a database.

How to delete a record from a database table

How to create a database report and export to excel

How to restrict and type data returned by the SELECT query

How to use the WHERE Clause to filter data

How to use ORDER BY Clause to place retrieved data so as specified by table column
Who this course is for:

Anyone who wants to find out
IT Professionals
System Analysts
Business Analysts
Internet Marketers
Project Managers
App Developers
Web Developers