SSRS in real world


Summary, Description

SSRS Reporting teaching will not be a flat enumeration of functionality in 2021, it is different in the real world.

When the project manager wants you to produce “top” files for the company’s best client, studying SSRS in an aseptic space would not benefit you. To be ready, you need something else. You always start with a quick specification mail written by the client in a business setting, where 40 per cent of specifications are absent.
The good news is that this “more” is in this course, and it’s true for every potential report you’re going to build: I’m talking about transversal best practises and methods, spanning a report’s entire life cycle…

I’m not going to discuss any features of SSRS in this intense course, there’s a Microsoft Docs site for that. Step by step, I will cover a curated list of most used features, helping you to create 80 percent of every report that you will be asked for. In addition, I would concentrate on facets of the real world, such as review of report criteria, measurement of commitment, description of mockups, team relationships, proactivity, realistic execution methods, quality management and success control.

You will be able to turn any report request into an effective implementation after this course.
For whom this course is intended:

Beginner/intermediate developers who are involved in learning how to submit to SSRSS


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