Tax & Adjusting Entry Year-End Accounting Excel Worksheet


Summary, Description

Build from scratch a new Excel worksheet to use in the process of modification and tax entry.

For tax preparers and public accountants who enter adjustment submissions, this course is most useful but also helpful to those in accounting. It can be helpful to evaluate multiple accounting sectors, similar Excel worksheets to those we would create, and the Excel skills gained in making them are often very important both within and outside of accounting.

The reasons for making an Excel worksheet for modifications and tax entries will be addressed. Any of the advantages of the Excel worksheet include the ability to easily enter modification entries to create an adjusted trial balance.

The ability to successfully enter tax entries and, on a tax basis, construct a trial balance and the ability to compare book net profits and tax net income.

The discrepancy between net sales on the unadjusted trial balance, the modified trial balance, and the tax trial balance can be shown in a simple visual way using an Excel worksheet. A worksheet should be used as a tool to interact with managers, consumers, and as a guide in the future for us to look back at.The course would develop an Excel worksheet from scratch, including tools for each phase along the way to assist with the construction. On most phases, we can have a revised Excel worksheet that helps us to jump ahead or rework some portion of the course without beginning over. In general, the Excel worksheets will have at least two tabs, one for the finished step, displaying the final result, and one that has been completed in the process up to the current step, enabling us to fill in the completed work with the aid of the instructional video and the Excel page.

This course is not intended to provide tax advice, but to illustrate how to create an Excel worksheet to control changes.

Any alternate formats for creating an entry modification and tax entry worksheet that can be used in reality will also be addressed in the course. We are going to discuss the pros and cons of the various formats.

We will also address how to structure a worksheet made in the previous year for the correction and tax entry so that we can type the actual trial balance of the year and details into it.

This course will have free downloads in addition to the training videos.

• Archive files for QuickBooks Pro Laptop 2019

• Practice files from Excel

For whom this course is intended:

Tax practitioners who wish book net profits and tax net income to be reconciled
Public accountants who change entrants work with
Any accountant who needs to learn how to use accounting transactions to set up a realistic worksheet
Any accountant who needs to format Excel Worksheets with realistic experience