WordPress Plugin Development with JQuery (2021)


Summary, Description

Plugin for WordPress with jQuery

The purpose of this course is to show you how to code a WordPress website with your own plugin. Together, we will learn how to start, how to trigger the plugin, and how to dynamically modify our material. We are going to use jQuery for that reason.

I’ll send you the whole plugin as files to be used at the end of this course.

JQuery is an awesome platform developed by John Resign on top of JavaScript and published in 2006.

JQuery was initially designed to make JavaScript easier to run. The slogan of jQuery is “write less, do more” and that’s just what it does; jQuery is a reusable piece of code that allows JavaScript to do more.

Why with jQuery?

The bulk of developers beginning with WordPress have little coding principles. JQuery is a really friendly place to start coding. Let me provide you with some explanations for using jQuery:
You don’t need to be checked to get started with jQuery,

Documentation is full of easy alternatives to use,

Low Coding Constraints (due also to JavaScript),

JQuery offers an amazing selector for DOM element collection,

In one paragraph, you can write several assignments,

Any feature of your website can be done by you,

It’s support for Cross-Browsers…
Now you understand that jQuery can be a good ally. There are several other explanations for using it, but the key one is that it is the easiest place to start coding.

“jQuery takes common JavaScript tasks and wraps them into methods. Then, instead of writing out all that code by hand, developers can simply call these methods — jQuery takes care of the rest. These shortcuts allow users to write better code and be more productive. Many sites with JavaScript use jQuery, with many estimates putting the total at more than 50 percent of all websites.”

And you are in the right place if you are looking for an effective course to learn how to code your plugin with jQuery and WordPress.
For whom this course is intended:

Developers of WordPress