Colorblind Guide



Short course from ColorWill on how to learn colors as a colorblind.

First Standard Guide For Colorblind People

Learn how to select and use colors even if you are colorblind.

What Will You Learn?

We were taught WHAT to learn but not HOW to learn. In fact, most colorblind people never learned colors right, so they waste time making the same mistakes over and over again.

We will cover Color Basics, Latest Treatment For Color Blindness, and share the secret of understanding the Color Schemes to help you apply colors in your daily and professional life.

– New Method Of Learning Colors

– The Secret Of Working With Color Schemes

– Building Friendship With Colors

– The ‘Talk’: How To Share With Others

– Selecting Perfect Colors For Your Business

– Unleash Your Potential By Adding More Colors

– Learn How To Work With Useful Applications

“It can be a hard or embarrassing experience, but I would like to take you to a new journey full of colors to make it a fun and enjoyable part of your life.”

We did our best to explain things in an interesting way and used only high-quality material and samples to make this course valuable, fun, and informative. This course was designed with a pure heart to help people like me, and the story behind it is very different.

So here is the course for all of you – people with a unique vision. I’m aiming to change this negative feeling, the prejudice colorblind word caries behind, and make you feel proud of who you are.

Who this course is for:

  • Colorblind adults
  • Colorblind artists curious about color basics
  • Colorblind teenagers
  • Color basics for color blind
  • New Method Of Learning Colors for Colorblind