Full Stack Web Application Development with Django Framework


Summary, Description

One of the most common and mature frameworks for Python web creation is Django. Django lets you create easier, and with less coding, better mobile applications. Django, written in Python, is an immensely popular and completely featured server-side web platform. It enables you to create mobile applications easily. It is fast, scalable, and well-secured.

As a developer, it is important for a top notch website to select the best platform for web creation. With just a few lines of code, one can create robust web solutions using the powerful, quick, and versatile Python-based Django platform. As a popular platform filled with features, Django has appeared.

Why use a platform based on Python?

As the syntax resembles the pseudo code, Python is readable, efficient and easy to understand and Django is a versatile platform that makes it easier to create web apps. It provides the requisite infrastructure for websites powered by databases that require content administration, file uploads, user authentication, and more.

Django is used by most Python users as their main web platform. With top organisations like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Spotify, and many others using it, Django still remains the most common Python application. Almost all the industry specifications are covered by the architecture as it is modular and efficient, making it ideal for any project.

Objectives of Course

  • Understand the basics of Django and use its ideas to develop and execute robust web frameworks and software
  • Understanding the world of Django
  • Learn how to setup Django to connect to powerful databases and create the admin interface for Django
  • Know the trends and views of Django URLs and deploy Django applications
  • Get to know the lifecycle of apps and device models
  • Build and deploy stable mobile applications for Django
  • Integrate with online resources from RESTful
  • Build APIs for REST with Django

For whom this course is intended:

  • Python / Creators of Django
  • Software Engineers with Full Stack – Python /JavaScript /Django
  • Newbies and newcomers pursuing a job in the area of web production
  • Back End Developers for Python Django
  • Developers for the Internet (Django)
  • Anyone interested in studying and becoming a good Web Developer with Python/Django
  • Group Leads’ Backend – Python, Django
  • Developers Senior – Python/Django
  • Engineers in Tech – Python/Django
  • Architects of Technological & Solutions
  • Analysts of the Device
  • Online Django Developers of Application
  • Python designers who are involved in the Django system and APIs


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