Gitting Started: Step-by-Step Git and Github Crash Course


Summary, Description

This course will give you both Git and GitHub a solid introduction, all in the time it takes to watch a movie.

Note: This course is up-to-date and uses the newer commands added in Git 2.23 (switch and restore).

By leaving out any needless theory and digging straight into using Git, I’ve built this course to make the most of your limited time. The course is very hands-on and leads you successfully by the use of Git and GitHub. To further consolidate your skills, it supplements the video courses with quizzes.

We’ll use the terminal in this course for:

Creating a repository for Git

Add Commits to Commits

Develop divisions

Merging them together

Apply tags

Explore the project’s past

Person research obligations

Dealing with disagreements over mergers

Configure Remote Controls

Push and pull from distant areas

Also, we’ll use GitHub for:

Pull-requests generate, check and merge

Creating releases for GitHub

Browse via various iterations of the code.

And in just 2 hours, we’ll be doing all of this! You will be able to use Git for your day-to-day job with ease at the end of this tutorial.

A 30-day money return guarantee comes with this course. No questions submitted. You’ve got too much to win and you have plenty to lose. Why wait, then?

For whom this course is intended:

Anyone who is new to Git
Anyone that deals with the life cycle of app creation
Anyone involved in handling their project’s historical iterations


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