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****Richard has successfully taught over 25,000 people to speed read! ****

Come on a trip with me to fast-track your reading and understanding!

Many individuals read intentionally, which means they use 5% of their brains. What would happen if you were able to use 25% of your mind? Or fifty percent? Will you want to raise your degree of awareness five times or even ten times effortlessly?

Prior to becoming Head Coach for Speed Reading in Toronto, Canada, Richard taught high school math for 5 years. Next he became a Master Hypnotist/Relaxation accredited. It significantly reduced the learning curve for Speed Reading by merging the two careers.

Richard unlocks the secret of your mind in a soft, successful way in this experiential course (Yes, you have to do the drills and practise) that will have you whipping through memos, texts, technical guides and, yes, even reading and loving your favourite books in record time!

Untrained readers use their eyes’ central focus, but not “Horizontal Peripheral Vision” when they read, losing about 50% of their speed of reading. In this lesson, by eliminating this loss, we will teach you a quick way to effectively double your reading speed.

What you’ll be learning:

1) The value of Motion by Hand. This Pace Reading theory is prohibited in colleges, strangely enough. Yet, merely because this active reading trick stops your eyes from doing the one thing eyes want to do that slows your reading to the rate of a snail, you’ll double your speed. (Lecture seven)

2) How your memory to Super-Charge. If you miss sooner, what’s the point of reading quicker? (Reading 12)

3) Simulation and Calming. Stress interferes with the inherent brilliance of the mind. Our world is so chaotic, you don’t really realise that you’re stressed out and that your mind works at incredibly low quality.

If you have felt there was a simpler way to learn information and preserve it, this course is ideal for you.

But if you want my personal “insider” details – note that I helped more than 125,000 readers, just like you, significantly improve their pace of reading and retention – you need to get this course now… This minute’s right.

Actually, each minute you delay is costing you time and money….

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For whom this course is intended:

Anyone who wishes to keep data read by them
Students who believe they should be able to read and understand more easily, more quickly


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