GNS3 & VMware Workstation 15 Course


Summary, Description

Learn how to set up and customise GNS3 and VMware Workstation networks to form the foundation of your IT laboratory. This will allow you to connect the virtual machines inside your single device to several virtual networks. Using a Cisco router in GNS 3, you can learn simple networking skills, as well as how to customise networking on your VMware Workstation and Windows device. The goal is to simulate inside your machine a real data centre.

Without the additional costs of purchasing physical appliances such as servers, computing systems, routers, and switches, replicating a real data centre into one computer helps you to have a data centre. This allows several virtual machines such as servers to be built to give you the opportunity to learn and develop your abilities while minimising your costs. The opportunity for your machine to have a virtual lab is infinite and this course will help you set up the main components so that you can unleash the potential of your own computer.

Join me as we ride to get you up and running with your own virtual data centre through the necessary steps.

In order to ensure that all the important elements are addressed for you to pursue, I have made this course brief and succinct.
For whom this course is intended:

Beginners in IT
Administrators for Applications
Engineers for Networks