Kubernetes for developers

  1. Summary, Description

    This course’s purpose is to get you started with Kubernetes. You’ll learn how to dock an app, deploy it to the Kubernetes cluster, and apply DevOps to it via a functional workshop.

    The Agenda:

    1.Build a Key MVC app for ASP.NET
    2.Add a Product Model and Controller
    3.Demo of the app.cmproj MVC

    4.The MVC software demo
    5.Dockerfile Illustrating
    6.Create the MVC App Docker Container
    7.Docker Container Push to Docker Hub Container
    8.Summary on setting up Kubernetes
    9.Using Dashboard to deploy Docker containers to Kubernetes
    10.Use YAML and Kubectl to deploy Docker containers
    11.Create a Service and introduce it
    12.MSSQL Build and Deploy
    13.Using ENVV to link the web app to DB in KubernetesGrow PersistentVolume
    ConfigMap ConfigMap
    Secret Secret
    AKS Cluster Formation
    Link to Kubectl and AKS Dashboard
    StorageClass for Azure Disk Development
    Using LoadBalancer rather than NodePort
    PVC to Azure AKSS Deploy
    Deploy Azure AKS Secret to Azure
    Deploy the container of Sql Server to Azure AKSS
    Deploy the app from mvc to Azure AKSS
    On AKS, running the app
    Publish a Github project
    Using Azure DevOps to build the CI pipeline
    Establish the Pipeline for the CD
    To use the newest bin, edit the pipeline
    Managed the Pipeline CI-CD
    For whom this course is intended:

  2. This course is intended for developers who want to get started with Kubernetes,
    focusing on how to deploy, handle and scale applications for monoliths or microservices.
    It is notable that this
    course is not for IT practitioners.