The Complete HTML5 Course: From Beginning to Expert


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Testimonials from our students on this course —

“Enjoyable, easy to learn and concepts are cleared to the point” — Shivam Agarwal

“A helpful and interesting introduction to HTML5 for complete beginners such as myself. The course contained useful information with references to websites, that could assist in the building of your own website.” — Ian Walkerer

“Great for Beginner”—Timilehin A. Omotoyinbo

“I find this course helpful help me better to understand the basic of HTML 5.” — Dejan Atanasovski

“very extensive and clearly presented.” — Thando Mtshalii.

You will be able to read and write front-end web development code using HTML5 after this course is finished. This course gives you realistic and hands-on experience with detailed HTML5. Tutorial content # in this tutorial

HTML5 interactive: Fundamentals

HTML introduction

HTML4 against HTML5

Making the first website of HTML

Tools for creating HTML files

HTML Tags for Foundation

Tags for paragraph

Split tags

Tags for Header

Tags for bold and italics

Lists sorted and unordered

HTML5 interactive: Advanced

Difference between relative links and absolute links

An external page hyperlink

Hyperconnection to an email address

Hyperlink to a file from your website

Watching audio and manipulating it

Video Play and Manage

Image Embedding

Pros and Cons – Whats a Table

Properties of the Table

Adds an iFrame

Adding an iFrame: Part 2 Segment 2

What is feasible with a form using awareness of HTML?

Define the shape

Text fields and regions of text

Buttons on the radio and search buttons

Input and Buttons of Data

Proper Layout of File

Commenting Code

Interactive Bootstrap: Basic Bootstrap for Basic

Why the Bootstrap? Why

Bootstrap downloading

Bootstrap added to your web

Navigation Formation

Styling pictures

The footer creation

Adding buttons with style

Interactive Bootstrap: Professional Installation

Adding Maps from Google

Adding a Carousel Picture

Adding a Feedback Form

JQuery interactive: Fundamentals

What does jQuery say and what are you going to learn?

JQuery uploading

A look at the jQuery implementation for the first time

Filters and Selectors

Content Substitution

Handling incidents

Events Hide/Show

With Fading


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