Learn Ethical Hacking / Pen testing & Bug Bounty Hunting A:Z


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Welcome to Legal Hacking / Pen Checking & Bug Bounty Hunting A:Z

This guide on Ethical Hacking offers simple and advanced Ethical Hacking principles. For beginners and experts, our Ethical Hacking tutorial has been made.

The guide on ethical hacking discusses all topics related to hacking. Firstly, we’re going to learn how to instal the applications required. After that, we will learn the segment of 4 forms of penetration testing that is network hacking, entry, post-exploitation, hacking of the website.

We can learn how networks operate, how to break Wi-Fi keys and obtain access to Wi-Fi networks in the network hacking segment. We can learn how to get access to servers and personal computers in the Obtaining Access portion. We will learn in the post-exploitation segment what we can do with the access we obtained in the previous section. So we learn how to interface with the file system, how to execute an order on the system, how to open a webcam. We can learn how the website operates in the website hacking section and how to collect detailed website information. Ultimately, we will learn how to protect our device from the attacks discussed.

Penetration Testing Network

Network penetration tests are the first penetration tests in this segment that we will cover. Many systems and machines are connected to a network. When a computer is linked to the internet, since the internet is a very large network, it means the device is connected to the network. Therefore, we need to understand how computers in a network connect with each other, as well as how networks operate.

Access gaining

The second aspect of the network penetration testing is gaining access assault. We can link to the network in this segment. This will allow us to launch more effective attacks and collect more detailed data. We will only connect to it and sniff out unencrypted data when a network does not use encryption. We will use a cable to connect to it if a network is wired, maybe by modifying our MAC address. The only difficulty is when encryption, such as WEP, WPA, WPA2, is used by the aim. If encrypted data is found, we need to know the key to decrypt it, which is the main aim of this portion.

Attacks Post-Connection

We were not linked to a network for all the attacks we carried out in the pre-connection and obtaining access section. We will speak about post-connection attacks in this section, meaning the attacks that we can do after connecting to the network. Now, it doesn’t matter that the network is a wireless or wired network, and we can unleash all the attacks we’re going to talk about in this segment, no matter that the target was using the WEP or WPA key.

For whom this course is intended:

Anyone who needs to read about legal hacking

Anyone who is worried with how hackers hack information networks

Anyone involved in how to protect hackers’ networks