Microsoft Excel -Basic Excel/ Advanced Excel Formulas


Summary, Description

If you want to enhance your Excel skills, learn to use new features, or just want to improve on this amazing Microsoft APP, this course is for you. My name is Yassin Marco and I have been fortunate enough to teach more than 250,000+ students in more than 190+ nations around the world. Since teaching is my passion, I have decided to design this course to help people with Microsoft Excel achieve their full potential. This means that your knowledge of Excel will have grown significantly by the end of this course. Indeed, with more than 80+ Excel functions and formulas, this course teaches you how to work properly.

All these formulas are often illustrated with simple illustrations, so that you can use them to create your own programmes. Still not sure, well, not only will you get a lifetime course and service, but if you are not happy, in the next 30 days you will get your money back with no questions asked.

And you would certainly not be disappointed by this one if you are looking for THE Excel course.

It can be very complicated to find the correct Excel course, especially if you have absolutely no knowledge of this APP and want to learn all the basics. In reality, if you’re looking to do that

– Grasp the Microsoft Excel fundamentals

– Learn how to work with Microsoft Excel properly

The Course Layout

The way this course is built is to help you improve by learning all the fundamentals of Microsoft Excel. In other words, this course is categorised into function categories, and each category teaches you various functions that can be used in a particular area. In teaching new roles, each class in the course is exclusively reserved. The way and role is described will also make it much easier for you to understand. Indeed, you will not only study the philosophy of any function, but you will also have the ability to apply it. In other words, you will be able to use the feature in multiple real life situations in each class.

For whom this course is meant

This course can be really helpful for new users of Excel who are searching for opportunities to learn more about this app. In truth, not only can you discover different ways to use Microsoft Excel with different formulas and features, but more than 80+ formulas will also be thoroughly understood. This ensures that someone aspiring to learn this software will be fine. This course may also be very useful for individuals who already have Microsoft Excel experience and who want to drive this app’s expertise a little further. Indeed, for any seasoned Excel user who wants to learn new Excel functions/formulas, the formulas learned in this course can be fine.

Why do I have to take this course?

Without a doubt, this is not the only Microsoft Excel course out there. But, it’s a very special path. There is, still, absolutely no course that truly focuses on showing you how to deal with more than 80+ formulas and functions properly. Not only can you have the scientific side of each formula/function, but with multiple instances, you will also understand how to do it. In other terms, any feature is introduced theoretically at first, then you can practise it with numerous examples inside the course! This is precisely what makes this course so special, no other courses in just a 5H course can give you so much experience of work.

There is no chance of this path being followed.

This course comes with a 100 percent fulfilment guarantee, which ensures that if you are not satisfied with what you have experienced, with no questions asked, you have 30 days to get a full refund. Also, you can email me personally if there is some idea you find confusing or you are just unable to grasp, and it would be my pleasure to help you in your learning.

This means you can either learn incredible skills that can be very valuable in your professional or regular life, or you can actually take the course and apply for a refund if you don’t like it for some reason.

For whom this course is intended:

Anyone who wants to talk about Microsoft Excel
Anyone who would like to develop their Excel skills