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I will share with you in this course what I have learned while travelling to over 66 different countries. We will not only discuss general travel advice, but I will also share specific tips with you, including:
-lowering the cost of travel
-staying safe overseas
-Building motivation and eradicating fear of the unknown
-negotiating with vendors in the flea market
Making foreign friends and many more.

What some learners are saying about this course:

“Exciting Course. Really good course and packed with useful information. Specially about safety while travelling.” -Dima Pokatov

“Great Course. This course is full of practical advice. Before taking this course I wasn’t very confident about travelling as I had many misconceptions about it. Jimmy has cleared up all of it. Now I’m really excited about travelling. Thanks a lot Jimmy.” -Niqash Najimim.

“Very  useful course, would recommend it to anyone, who would like to broaden  the horizon and conquer stereotypes about other countries and nations  around the world. Bottom line: 9.5/10 – this course will be tough to beat, will definitely check out Jimmy’s other courses.” – Sergey Bichkov

“awesome video, awesome instructor. It is totally worth every penny I paid for this course. I feel much more confident that one day I will be a real life hacker like Jimmy”. – Chao Wang

“Great! I’m really enjoying this course. Your confidence and enthusiasm is contagious!” – Bud Brown

“Great travel advice from an experienced world wanderer. Jimmy offers some great travel advice in this well produced and informative course. His laid-back style makes for easy learning. As a long term traveller myself I still found some great tips in this course that I will be adding to my own mental database of travelling knowledge and skills. I would totally second Jimmy’s opinion – it is a fascinating world with so much to see.Follow Jimmy’s guidelines for safe, affordable and fun-filled travel.” – Ian Usher

Worth every single dollar!!! Best course for travelling!The BEST course you can ever buy! Very good for beginners!!!!Thank you a lot! :)” – Elay Elay

“Beautifully Done! All of Jimmy Naraine’s videos and courses are excellent – professionally produced with immediately useful content delivered in an engaging, entertaining manner. I highly recommend anything he does”. – Sean Kearney

“Inspiring and Empowering. This is a very inspiring and empowering course. Jimmy does an excellent job at breaking down many mind-barriers”. – Gary Williams

“Outstanding delivery! Jimmy rocks – watching his courses is like watching a tv show. Very fun, engaging and educational at the same time. Thanks Jimmy!” – Kirill Eremenko

For whom this course is intended:

Without spending huge amounts of money, anyone who wants to learn how to travel intelligently and have fun. Bear in mind that, with novice and intermediate travellers in mind, I prepared the content. You may find some of the information obvious when you are an experienced traveller. The good news is that I will upload more detailed videos specifically designed for seasoned vagabonds in July 2015.

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