How to Draw 101: BASIC DRAWING SKILLS & Sketching Exercises


Summary Description

This is the main scene of my How to Draw Series. This course is about Basic Drawing Skills and 3D Sketching.

On the off chance that you are a flat out fledgling at drawing, this meeting can be an ideal decision for your absolute first drawing course. Or then again in the event that you are not an amateur, but rather you are experiencing issues with your drawings, you are simply most likely missing a portion of the fundamental riddles which can be handily fixed in these exercises.

This course requires no past drawing information or extraordinary drawing hardware.

We’ll be drawing with straightforward customary graphite pencil on standard paper.

The primary segment is somewhat of a prologue to drawing.

I will show you

the drawing instruments you need

discretionary instruments for what’s to come

instructions to hold the pencil to improve drawing experience

step by step instructions to see the world with the eyes of the craftsman

In the second segment we will experience the fundamental structure squares of drawing. We will build up your essential drawing abilities making a great deal of key drawing works out.

You will figure out how to draw

straight lines

equal lines

straightforward 2D shapes like triangles, square shapes, and squares


circles, ovoid shapes, and ovals

straightforward 3D items like blocks and chambers

We will likewise build up your hand coordination by associating spots with straight and bended lines.

The objective of these exercises is to acquire certainty at drawing these basic components that we will use to construct more perplexing items.

I will give you a prologue to viewpoint drawing examining the most often utilized 2-point and 3 point of view. I will likewise clarify a significant drawing standard called foreshortening. With this information you’ll have the option to draw subjects convincingly in the 3D space.

In the third segment we’ll try the drawing abilities you’ve acquired. We will make a wide range of representations on genuine subjects dependent on reference photographs. We will draw

a chess pawn worked from basic 2D shapes

a seat by drawing straight lines utilizing the guidelines of viewpoint

a fish utilizing a lot of S-bends

a profile picture to rehearse extents

a chess pawn with basic concealing

a couple of glasses

a moving human figure for a prologue to signal drawing

what’s more, a space traveler for no particular reason

Toward the finish of the course you can check if your drawing abilities have improved. You can look at your portrayals made toward the start and toward the finish of the course. In the event that you make all the activities with me, I’m certain you will have an effect.

I trust you will appreciate this course however much I did during its creation.

See you in my Basic Drawing Skills and Sketching Exercises course!

For whom this course is intended for:

outright amateurs at drawing

novices who need more certainty at drawing


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