Portrait Drawing 101 Course – Portrait Drawing For Beginners


Summary, Description

Like a four-year-old boy, do you draw portraits? No trouble. You can change that in a couple of days pretty easily.

I will teach you how to easily draw portraits step by step. Your drawing abilities will get a boost at the end of this online portrait drawing course, and you will be able to draw a realistic portrait with a pencil.

You are going to have a good understanding of

The anatomy of the skull

etc. And You can learn how to explain facial gestures, distinct thoughts or feelings.

It does not require any prior drawing experience or special drawing equipment.
Using the Procreate drawing and painting app, I’m going to draw on an iPad with an Apple Pencil, but with a basic copy paper, pencil, and eraser, you’re good to go.

Your friends and family will soon be shocked at what portrait you are able to draw if you obey my directions and conduct the drawing exercises during this course.

Have some fun with me and now join in this course for portrait drawing.

30-Day Promise of Money back!
To see if this course is right for you, watch the 2-min Free Demo Video.

For whom this course is intended:
Students who are eager to learn how to draw a head and are interested in pencil portrait painting