Learn to create a 2D Racing car game for FREE PART 9.


Summary, Description

Owing to video time constraints, this course will be changed in sections.

We will start at the bottom of my course and work our way up to advanced game design, such as discovering the AI road, designing a car controller and several features in our game.

This course is meant for novice level and up, as I can describe it in the best depth as I can, we will have created a race car game like micro machines at the end of the course, which was an awesome car game in the 1980s.

You can find in this portion of the course,

How to render sprites incorporate tone

Path cones that with sound effects get knocked over

Making up an animated police officer to fire at you

Creating his gun with a muzzle flash effect

Fitting a police siren to his engine

Adding the sound effect of bullets to his gun

For whom this course is intended:
Students who would like to learn how to be a game designer.