The Ultimate Guide To C# Unity Programming (2020)


Summary, Description

The newest material and innovative methods used in contemporary game production are used in this course (Unity 2020)

By doing so in a very fun way, the only way to experience something is to try it and this is where this course comes from. There is no better way to start than this course if you want to understand how all of these amazing games you see are done. We made sure that this course has everything you need to take you from a novice and slowly take you to intermediate and ultimately become a specialist (even with zero coding experience).

In this course, I choose the main project to be a 2D platformer as it not only has a huge catalogue of principles for game creation that we can apply.

To provide you with the best possible experience and optimise your learning as far as possible, everything in this course has been carefully designed, revised and recrafted. So you will not only have a great time learning, you will also get the MOST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK by going away with a lot of tools in your arsenal from this course to continue your journey in the wild west of game development.

Section 1 – Presentation & Configuration:

We will begin by downloading all the required resources that we need to begin our journey of game creation. That means the most current version of Unity and the most recent version of Visual Studio. We will also go into everything you need to make you feel at home right away.

Section 2 – Cube of the Magic Game: C# & Basics of Unity:

This is where it heats things up. We’ll start by looking at what Version Control is, which is an incredibly powerful tool used by professional programmers around the globe for game developers. Even if you have ZERO CODING EXPERIENCE ., you can still understand everything and learn how to build great games and continue with the project. We’ll learn the basics of C#. We will also get an understanding of the basics of the Unity Engine and how it all works.


Bonus Section:

This is where we do a little bit extra. We delve deeper into the UI canvas of our game and make it much better to look at. We add all the SFX we have available, so that everything we interact with has a sound attached to it, and finally we tweak the progression of the levels by adding a couple of new animations to our player

What you are going to do in this class:

Unity and Visual Studio Download and Install
Why We Need Unity Visual Studio
Using Visual Studio in a simple way with Unity
How to create a good atmosphere for Game Production
In an easy and detailed way, the Unity Engine is
The fundamentals of C# in the most exciting way possible by making a game
Using player feedback to monitor our game’s actions
Attach various components to items in the game
Add gravity and other powers to items for games
Make game artefacts in our game communicate with each other
Add and slice sprite sheets
Build Assets for Tile
How to build levels from the assets of our tiles
Become a ninja problem solver and learn how to solve problems step by step.

Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring Game Developers that don’t know where to start when it comes to creating games
  • Young programmers who want to learn the basics of coding in a really fun way by creating their own games using Unity’s very simple engine
  • Someone who’s looking to create a 2D platformer and doesn’t know how to do it