PHP with PDO 2021: The Ultimate PDO Crash Course


Summary, Description

With this PHP PDO course, get ready for the best learning experience you will have.

In this course, I did everything for you and fully explained the basics of PDO, such as connecting the database more securely and efficiently to advanced concepts such as using transactions, etc.

So why choose this course, basically, from the rest of the courses on the same subject? Well, I made sure you fully understand everything in detail, and I used a lot of resources, including full documentation, while creating this course just to bring you the best and finest content.

Let me show you what you are going to actually learn:

Connect securely to your chosen PDO database and, of course, because PDO supports a wide range of databases.

-Catching mistakes when connecting to your database

-Pulling and tweaking the information as you like with the most popular PDO methods, such as (query, fetch, fetchall, fetchcolumn)

-Secure insertion of prepared statements into a database that prevents SQL injections

Using fancy and advanced techniques to add more security and efficacy to your transaction code

-The easy and simple way to terminate the connection to your database

-Build an app using what you have learned with the common backend features

And a lot more so. Don’t you trust me? Simply take a look inside:)

For whom this course is intended:

  • Anyone interested in learning and updating their database skills with PHP PDO
  • Anyone who has PHP expertise and wants to dig deeper




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