Python Bootcamp 2021 Build 15 working Applications and Games


Summary, Description

You are tired of having videos and lectures or either hit in college studies and hello world software on just python fundamentals and syntaxes. This course is structured after evaluating what a student wants to learn python, so I think you have to try this course. After evaluating what they needed and what they wanted in a course, how they could initiate every course quickly but were unable to complete it. Now let me explain how this course is planned, including all python areas, and how there are really working games as projects to sustain excitement until the last, so that no one gets bored and everything described is designed in a very simple and easy way.

I guarantee that every single one of you will be able to build some sort of application using python only after completing the course. By using keyboards that I think most of you already want to use, you will learn to build desktop applications and even monitor objects, and even python for data science in which you will learn to create even globe maps. Let me now clarify some of the few things that you are going to discuss—

1.Python for programmes that are graphical.

2.Tkinter – for the development of desktop and user interface programmes.

3. Turtle graphics – Use python to practise graphical design and to learn how to manipulate objects on the screen using a keyboard.

4.Databases – to discover how the games, software and applications can store data.

5.Python for the science of data.

6.Numpy – Learn to use Python to construct data in the form of databases and to interpret data.

7.Pandas – Build and interpret data frames and visualise details in the form of 3-D graphs and 2-D graphs.

8.Matplotlib – For making visualisations of results.

9.Seaborn – Animated plots to be developed.

10.Plot and cufflinks – To create plots that are interactive.

11.Geographical plotting – To produce plots on a global scale.

Date and time functions for 12.Python.

13.Management of files

14.By using keys, monitor objects.

15.Creating countless graphic drawings.

For whom this course is intended:

For the people who want to practise Python.


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