React native Expo for multiplatform mobile app development


Summary, Description

Did you get tired of learning various programming languages for JAVA, Swift, Kotlin?

If you only learn one language and then can build for both Android and iOS, will it be much better?

What you need is React Native!!

And what is React Native, though? React native enables the use of the react library to generate native reactions in a nutshell.

Mobile Android and iOS device apps.

For developers who want to create some kind of mobile app that is already comfortable with responding, it is a really good option.

It definitely suggests that you know the core principles of reaction as functional already.

State props of the components

On this platform we have a full reaction course, feel free to check that out

You’ll learn some basic React in this course and extend this to React Native as well. In order to reinforce what we have learned in the previous lectures, we will build a whole app.

  • What you’ve learned
  • How to run an app on an emulator for iOS and Android
  • How to use React Native components
  • How do I use UseState to add dynamic content to dynamic content?
  • How to use the TextField to alter condition
  • The distinction between List and FlatList
  • What is the Component Touchable?
  • The TouchableWithoutFeedback What is it?

For whom this course is intended:

Anyone who wants to use web expertise to build software that can run on both iOS and Android.


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