The Rhythm of English


Summary, Description

You may have been focusing on your vowels and consonants, but don’t you somehow sound as smooth as a native speaker? The surest way to make people tuning you out is to sound choppy and emphasise every word. Learn from this dedicated teacher the secrets of smooth English, in depth. This course is her love labour. Study the meaning of English stress, how to energise and de-energize a syllable, what words to stress, how to stress them, what to do with words we don’t stress, and all manner of word de-stressing methods, including reductions, contractions, connections and combinations.

The lessons are diverse, but you’re not going to get bored. Photos, narratives and poetry tend to explain the lessons. Learn the lessons of repetitive audio clips in the resource parts by listening to and recalling phrases over and over. Repetition exercise enhances your ability to listen and observe as it hones the memory of the muscle. For note keeping and leading yourself through the rehearsal audio, print out the written content. In conjunction with Word Stress and any of the vowels or consonants courses, this course may be taken. What’s waiting for you?

For whom this course is intended:

  • All English Student Speeds

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