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Hello and welcome to the Academy for Easy YouTube Ads!

I created this course because, if you are not careful, running ads can be extremely stressful, frustrating and discouraging.

I bet no one lays it out as clearly for you as before, but these are the steps you need to take… when running a YouTube ad campaign.

Step 1, you need to create a Google Ads account and a new YouTube channel. Specifically, to run ads, you want to create a separate channel so as not to affect the organic reach of your regular channel.

Step 2, you need to research the various keywords, placement, and topics that you want to target for… that are related to your brand and products.

Step 4 is to generate the design of the landing page to which you will send the traffic once you start running the ads. The design of the website must represent the actual video ad that people see.

In order to keep your data accurate and for future re-marketing campaigns, step 5 is to set up tracking tags so that every click, every visitor, and every conversion is recorded in your Google Ads account.

Step 6, is to finally setup your ad campaign! It’s an exciting but also the most stressful step because there are tonnes of variables to take into account, such as what should be your starting budget?

This is what most people are confused by, because they just look at all the data. How do you understand what to look for? How do you arrange the data columns so that only the stats that matter are looked at? How do you compare the view rate to the click-through rate to decide whether or not an ad is working? How do you determine which video, which keyword, which placement ads to continue to pour cash into, and which ads to immediately cut off?

Running advertisements is almost like horse racing betting. Each horse is a campaign of yours. Which one should to cut from the team and which one should you continue to invest in and let them run to continue to make you money?

But it all starts with understanding how running ads work, which is why I created this introductory week for you. It will explain the simple math behind running advertisements, the difference between Facebook vs. Google Advertising, the various types of YouTube Ad formats and which one to use for your company, the 13 biggest YouTube advertisement errors that cost a fortune for beginners when running ads for the first time, and finally, a review of the steps of running YouTube ads to make sure you do it right. Because they count every dollar.

For whom this course is intended:

  • People who want to promote the Easy Way for their products and services

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