The Practical Memory Techniques Course


A brief description

** WELCOME TO “The Practical Memory Techniques Course- The Best Everyday Practices to Improve Your Memory”


Are you tired of reading memory improvement books and classes that are full of dusty theory?

Have you had enough of hearing about short-term memory, long-term memory, and learning theories?

Are you fed up with ineffective recall challenges and silly memory quizzes?

Then this is the course for you! You’ve come to the right spot if you want to improve your memory.

What is the course’s main challenge?

After developing The Memory Techniques Course series (also available on Udemy), in which I presented the entire spectrum of memory techniques in detail and with a lot of examples, I found a lot of interest in this area, particularly in terms of the practical side of memory enhancement, so I developed this new course, which is entirely focused on practical activities.

In this course, you will learn basic but effective recall techniques that you will use in your daily life to ensure your effectiveness in a variety of circumstances.

These methods will serve as the latest mnemonic arsenal, allowing you to:

1. To keep track of where you put your belongings;

2. To remember when you entered a room in the first place;

3. To Have Shopping and To-Do Lists in Mind;

4. Make a mental calendar to keep track of appointments and anniversaries.

5. Memorize Everyday Numbers (short, medium, and long numbers such as the credit card’s CVV, PIN numbers, bank account numbers, machine codes, and phone numbers, for example);

6. Memorization Techniques in the Workplace (for Business Meetings and Public Speaking);

7. To use Memory Techniques for Study and Learning effectively;

8. Ease of learning foreign languages;

9. The ability to recall people’s names and faces;

10. You’ll also learn how to memorize long series of playing cards if you need it.

Memory specialists can also share tips and tricks to help you memorize more efficiently.

I’m confident you’ll like it, and I’m looking forward to being your guide and coach on this thrilling new adventure!

At The Mnemo Bay, I’m a memory improvement writer and blogger.

Many of the lectures that have been written have been captioned.

The instructor has corrected the subtitles of this course, which were created automatically by the Udemy platform, so that students can use them.

This course is intended for the following individuals:

Anyone who wants to boost their recall and listening skills. This course is also appropriate for full beginners.
People who believe they have a faulty memory and try to improve it.


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