Tools for Working From Home – Google Apps, Trello & Zoom


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To maximise your productivity when working remotely, you’re looking for a full course on Work from Home equipment, right?

You have found the right path for “Tools for remote working” This course teaches you the various free resources that are available to improve your productivity, handle inventory and connect with your team effectively.

What is covered in the course here?

All about having the best resources to remain active and connected is mastering remote work. This course will see you and your staff, whoever you happen to be, coordinated and functioning in harmony.

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Section 1 – Drive for Google

Google Drive is a network for cloud storage that stores all your files in one stable and unified spot. Documents, spreadsheets, and slide shows may be processed and exchanged by remote staff. It may be used for weekly metric reporting. In addition, Google Drive files can be synchronised between computers, so that users can access and upgrade them from anywhere.

Part 2 – Docs from Google

Google Docs is a word processor used inside the Google Drive programme as part of a free, web-based office suite of apps provided by Google.

Section 3 – Slides from Google

Google Slides is a slideshow application used within the Google Drive service as part of a free, web-based office suite of apps provided by Google.

Section 4 – Sheets from Google

Google Sheets is a spreadsheet application found within the Google Drive service as part of a free, web-based office suite of applications provided by Google. It’s a new MS Excel edition.

Division 5 – Trello

When it comes to project management, Trello is about as basic as it gets, but the simplicity belies tremendous organisational and task management strength. The notion of bulletin boards is built around Trello. Each board may, for instance, represent a project. Teams build lists within each board, which they then populate with cards. The cards can be allocated, numbered, stamped with a date, and crammed with comments or attachments to individual team members. The system’s hierarchical nature makes it versatile while also retaining a simplicity of baseline.

Part 6 – Zooming

Zoom is a video chat programme that helps hundreds of users if you have large team meetings that have loads of remote staff. As an add-on feature, large meetings of up to 500 members are sponsored.

How’s this course going to support you?

This course will introduce you to the most popular free online resources that will allow you to collaborate and work efficiently, including at home, if you are a working professional who wants to learn about tools that help you work remotely with reliability and high productivity.

All students who undergo this ‘Tools for Working from Home’ course are presented with a Verifiable Completion Certificate.

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I am fairly sure that the course would give you the information and skills required to see realistic advantages instantly when operating remotely.

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