A Wonderful Webtalk Welcome!



Welcome to our course. Webtalk is a social and business network, FREE to all users, that is growing daily. The difference between our platform and other social media sites is that we share up to 50% of our revenue with  members who join the FREE affiliate program. Market yourself and earn money as a free user by simply creating a complete profile and posting content. React, comment and share the content of others. Points are earned with daily activity. Some of the great features currently available or soon to come are: – A way to have all relationships in one place, but manage them based on their value and stage (personal or professional, maintaining close relationships or building new relationships). We allow you to place your contacts into a group as soon as you connect with them. You can create social media posts and send them only to certain groups of contacts. – A simple way to search and communicate with targeted contacts to build and maintain relationships – A way to search for people, businesses and products recommended by people you know…locally! – A way to instantly hire a service provider or freelancer (or be hired) right through a profile. – A way to purchase or sell products/services directly through a business page. A search engine that can provide immediate credible and valuable recommendations for tradespeople and service professionals. Once we join and start to use the social network, we can automatically: Separate “friends” and “followers” in different ways before accepting them into our social networks. We can classify each person or business as we add them so that only certain information is provided to each person/business, our system provides options based on the privacy levels set by users. Get recommendations from friends and contacts to boost a personal career/business, Market the products and services so that all members can search specifically for your content.

Who this course is for:

  • All learners interested in affiliate marketing opportunities.