Pad Thai Cooking Class Noodles Street Thai Food Easy Recipe



Pad Thai is a long time Thai favorite dish. It is popular Thai Food and easy to find anywhere in Thailand: at food courts, on street food stalls, local markets, local restaurants and high end-restaurants.

The variety of Pad Thai dishes is wide and there is an endless ways of enjoying this dish. Different parts of the country have different ways of cooking the dish to make it unique and delicious. The traditional way is very simple and the original Pad Thai recipe. Just cook noodles at high heat with egg, Chinese chives, bean sprouts, chopped sweet preserved daikon radish, Tofu, dried shrimps and ground peanuts. Season the stir-fried noodles with fish sauce, sugar and ground chili.

Not only is the taste tempting but the texture of Pad Thai noodles are moist and gooey.

The noodles for Pad Thai in Thailand are usually fresh noodles from markets which are locally produce in every province in Thailand and dried noodles particularly from Chantaburi (a province in eastern Thailand). It calls “Sen Chan” or Chantaburi noodles. Chantaburi dried noodles are famous because of their quality, and once cooked are particularly soft and gooey.

With this reputation, Pad Thai Sen Chan noodles is one of the popular variation with a specific type of main ingredient, and is well-known throughout the country.

I recall when I was a child. I lived in a shophouse near by the city’s market and I lived near by one of the shophouse which sold Pad Thai. I liked to go near by that place to watch them cooking Pad Thai. It was always busy with people eating Pad Thai or waiting to take home.

If you love Thai Food and you have ever cooked Pad Thai but didn’t get the result like you eat at a restaurant or while eating during your trip in Thailand.

– You never get the taste right, not even close.

– Your stir-fry noodles is soggy and the noodles is cut to small pieces.

– When you finish cooking your noodles stir fry is chewy, sticky catching in roll together, difficult to eat.

I had the same problems. I never like cooking Pad Thai at home. But you know what, my problems are solved after I tried to practice and discovered small techniques cooking at home and I love cooking Pad Thai even more and passionate about it.

This cooking classes will help you to enjoy Pad Thai the same as you eat the dish in Thailand.

This course gives you easy to follow recipes that you can make at home bringing the authentic local Thai Street food to your kitchen and eat like a Thai.

See you in the kitchen.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner cooks who want to cook Pad Thai Noodles and quickly advance the skill of cooking noodles.
  • Intermediate cooks who want to learn variety of Pad Thai dishes and learn more about little tips of cooking Pad Thai.
  • Anyone who loves to cook Pad Thai at home for friends and family.
  • This course is not suited for advanced chefs.