Improve Your Job Prospects And Accelerate Your Career Growth


Summary, Description

“This course was very effective, I understood everything that was being taught” Tshepiso

“I don’t have a lot of experience, so I’m taking this course to improve my career and get the right start.”

“Very informative for someone new to the workplace in particular”-Katlo

You will learn how to prepare yourself for formal employment in this course and how to develop your career. For each class, the course contains handy worksheets as well as examples of the Novoresume CV programme and LinkedIn. This course will show you the tools you will need if you are newly trained, unemployed, changing jobs or returning to work after a break.This course will show you the techniques you’ll need, whether you’re newly trained, unemployed, changing jobs or returning to work after a break. I’m also going to explain to you how I had to deal with the student loan equivalent of $55,000 in today’s money and how I got a huge break by pure resilience. In your professional life, you will get the same breakthrough, get into the industry you want and get the start of your career that gives you the greatest advantage. In my lifetime, I have seen thousands of CVs and I have met hundreds of people. There are undoubtedly some aspects that you can do that will make you stand out.

The subjects in this course that you will hear about include;

  • Control of time, drafting a CV, strategies for interviews
  • The value of taking action as a hard worker to build reputation
  • How value in the workplace is developed and your role in providing value
  • Managing your site footprint and what restrictions to set in place
  • The Novoresume CV method and how it was used by Peter to build a fast, high-impact CVV
  • Getting prepared to leverage 10 minutes’ capacity
  • Cover letters and how the meaning for your work application is created
  • Online interviews, do’s and don’ts and how to dress for an interview
  • The meaning of self-confidence and what you can do to improve your own
  • The use of LinkedIn, including a walkthrough of the LinkedIn profile of Peter
  • The new workplace and how to adapt to every setting
  • Having a coach and receiving the help you need
  • Progression of career and creating a professional brand
  • How to act first as a team member, then to stand out as a person
  • Setting targets and getting stuff done with a strong strategy for the action list
  • How to handle disputes and promote interaction in the workplace
  • The value of contact that is clear and trustworthy
  • How to build a professional network that encourages your career advancement

This course would help you develop your talents both in the workplace and in the job market. Through learning through these videos, installing the helpful worksheets and using what you have experienced to build your profile and optimise your potential success, take responsibility for your job today and increase your prospects.

For whom this course is intended:

Professionals from the early stage who are trying to get ahead and develop themselves
Skilled work market students trying to move into structured jobs
Experienced practitioners requesting an opinion on job management
Anyone who needs to speed up their career in their new sector or by moving jobs


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